Fall 2020

Learning Schedules

Model 2 Schedule

In-person Learning:

This year's in-person schedule will look different from years past. This schedule is still in development but will be based on the following DOE recommendation for elementary schools:

8:30 - Arrival through designated entries (detailed information can be found in the Arrival and Dismissal page). Grab & Go Breakfast will be available for all students.

Lunch will be held in the classroom with their classroom teacher and will function as a "working lunch"

Students will receive physical education every day either from one of PS 200's gym teachers or as part of the Move to Improve program that our classroom teachers are all trained in.

2:00 - Dismissal through designated exits (detailed information can be found in the Arrival and Dismissal page).

PS 200 will be operating on a Model 2 Hybrid Learning Schedule. We are doing our best to place siblings and family members together into the same cohort to ease family scheduling. Once approved, these days will be added to our Google Calendar on the landing page of our website for families to consult.

Description of Model two cohort.

Daily Learning Schedules

At-home Learning:

The at-home learning schedule is what students should follow on the days they are learning remotely, at home. This recommended schedule is still in development but caregivers should expect that live instruction will be a part of the at-home learning schedule.

This page will be updated to reflect this information as it becomes available from the DOE.

Accidental Arrivals

All students in Cohorts A-C will be assigned a tag that reflects their cohort color. This tag must be attached to their backpack for inspection upon arrival to school. In the event that a student arrives at school on days when they are scheduled for remote learning, the school will inform you. All children attending on the incorrect day will need to be picked up or will be sent home.

The decision to send a child home who arrives on the wrong day will be based on the child’s age and other factors. Students will never be sent home on their own without their parent or guardian’s written consent.

Students Who Require a Parent or Caregiver to be Dismissed

These students will not be sent home without a parent, guardian, or other caregiver. To avoid this situation, we encourage families to make alternate childcare options before the school year begins.

Students Who Do Not Require a Parent or Caregiver Pickup

These students will be advised to return home if they arrive on the wrong day. The school will notify you before your child returns home.

A Safe Space for Students

PS 200 will set aside a non-instructional space or room in the building for students who arrive on incorrect days. This space will allow for social distancing and follow other health and safety guidance. Students who arrive on the wrong day will not be able to join scheduled student groups who are in attendance that day.

Remote Learning

Students arriving on incorrect days will be able to participate in remote learning and access other resources, including grab and go meals. This will ensure they are participating for the day if there is an extenuating circumstance and they cannot return home. Schools will have materials for play-based learning for children under five years old. Young children will be told why they will not be learning in their classroom and what to expect for the day.

School Buses

School buses will NOT be available to transport students to/from school except on their designated days. Schools will provide busing information and schedules to children who are eligible for busing.