PS 200 is a large school with a Russian dual language program and a gifted and talented program for Russian-speaking children, called Globe. In each grade there is a dual language class and a Russian gifted and talented class. Students learn to read and write in Russian. The city recognized the GLOBE program for its rigor and effectiveness, according to the Quality Review.

The school is quite large, and Principal Javier Muniz says his biggest challenge is over-crowding. The school boasts a full-size gym, a large auditorium, and a library and media center.

The school strongly believes in the arts, said Muniz in a phone interview. We have a connection with Carnegie Hall and start children in 3rd grade with a recorder program, and they graduate into a band program in 4th and 5th grade. The school also has a specialized violin program students can try out for starting in 1st grade.

For high achieving students, the school offers specialized electives on Fridays. Students can choose from a variety of electives such as computer, art, robotics and opera.