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Google Classroom Student Login 2021 One-Pager

A step-by-step guide to login to your new PS 200 Gmail account.

Google Classroom Login Instructions 2021

View detailed instructions on how to join Google Classroom and join your student's classes.

Fill out this form to request a password reset. Please note, passwords must be manually reset by the PS 200 Tech Team so please be patient as you await your new password.

Google Tutorials

Parents Guide to Google Classroom in 2020
How to Turn in Assignment (Computer)
Google Classroom Student Guide

iPad Videos!

Using Google Classroom on an iPad
How to Turn in Assignments (iPad)

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Google Parent Guides

French 2020-Parents-Guide-to-Google-Classroom.pdf
Spanish_2020-Parents-Guide-to-Google-Classroom (1) (1).pdf
Bangla _2020-Parents-Guide-to-Google-Classroom.pdf
Urdu 2020-Parents-Guide-to-Google-Classroom.pdf
Haitian Creole 2020-Parents-Guide-to-Google-Classroom.pdf
Albanian 2020-Parents-Guide-to-Google-Classroom.en.sq (1).pdf
Arabic-2020-Parents-Guide-to-Google-Classroom (1).pdf
Chinese_2020-Parents-Guide-to-Google-Classroom (1).pdf

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Remote Learning Technical Support Ticket System

If you have ongoing issues with technology to support learning at home,