Middle School Information

Submit your application by Thursday, December 1.

After submitting, you may still log back in and make changes up until the deadline.

How do we apply to NYC middle schools?

The best way to apply is online at MySchools.nyc.

  • Create an account with your personal email address.

  • To add a student to your account, you will need:

      • Student ID (OSIS)

      • Account Creation Code

      • Account creation codes were mailed home to all public school students in mid-December.

If you still need your code please email Ms. Lucy at LLamothe@schools.nyc.gov.

For More Information Visit:

Middle school admissions | schools.nyc.gov/middle

2021 NYC Middle School Directory|


Middle school admissions email list | schools.nyc.gov/signup

Your zoned school | Schoolsearch.schools.nyc

Middle School Offers

Offers will be available later this Spring. You'll get an email notification when offers are available. When offers are released, the waitlist process will begin.

•You will automatically be waitlisted at any programs ranked higher than the program to which you got an offer.

•For example, if you got an offer to your second choice program, you will be waitlisted at your first choice program.

•More information about waitlists, including adding and removing yourself from waitlists, will be shared at that time.

Get help with your child's application.

Get help with your child’s application|Ms. Lucy at LLamothe@schools.nyc.gov

Contact a Family Welcome Center | schools.nyc.gov/WelcomeCenters

Office of Student Enrollment | 718-935-2009

Submit your application in MySchools by Thursday, December 1. After submitting you may still log back in and make changes up until the deadline.

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