Middle School Information

Middle School Applications are open until December 8th.

Results will be released on Wednesday, April 3rd.

Middle School Admissions

How do we apply to NYC middle schools?

The best way to apply is online at MySchools.nyc

If you still need your code please email Ms. Lucy at LLamothe@schools.nyc.gov.


5th Grade families if you need help with your Middle School application, please reach out to Ms. Lucy as soon as possible.

For More Information Visit:

Middle school admissions  | schools.nyc.gov/middle

2023 NYC Middle School Directory|


Middle school admissions email list | schools.nyc.gov/signup

Your zoned school | Schoolsearch.schools.nyc

Get help with your child's application. 

Get help with your child’s application|Ms. Lucy at LLamothe@schools.nyc.gov

Contact a Family Welcome Center | schools.nyc.gov/WelcomeCenters

Office of Student Enrollment | 718-935-2009