Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade Supply List 2023-2024

Supply List For Fifth Grade


First Day of School

5 marble notebooks (labeled with full their full name and class)

2 folders (labeled with their full name and class)

Homework Pad/Notebook

No. 2 pencils (no lead pencils)

Computer paper (1 Pack)


Second Day of School

Loose-leaf paper (1 pack)

Colored pens (red, black, green or blue)

Scissor / Ruler / Mini Stapler

1 box of crayons / 1 box of markers

Glue stick

Scotch tape

Highlighters: Specifically Green, Yellow, Pink, and Orange

3 packages of post-it notes


Third Day of School

2 boxes of tissues (Kleenex)

2 rolls of paper towels (Bounty)

2 packs of Clorox Wipes

1 pack of baby wipes

Ziplock bags – 1 gallon


Fourth Day of School

1 Liquid handsoap

1 Hand sanitizer (Purell)

1 XXL Zip Lock Bag