Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade Supply List 2023-2024

Bring in on September 7:

6 marble composition notebooks - reading, writing, math, science, social studies &


6 Colored Folders (purple, yellow, red, blue, green, orange).

2 box of #2 pencils and a large eraser (NO LEAD PENCILS!).

Bring in on September 8

1 pencil case.

2 packages of post-its (any size).

1 box each of crayons and colored pencils.

2 glue sticks.

Bring in on September 11

1 pair of scissors.

2 packages of copy paper.

4 boxes of tissues.

2 boxes of gallon Ziploc bags.

Bring in on September 12

2 rolls of paper towels.

2 boxes of baby wipes.

2 bottles of hand sanitizer.

2 Clorox wipes.

1-2 colored highlighters.


Additional supplies may be requested during the year if needed. Also, if your child runs

out of something, please replenish that item so that the learning process is not