Evacuation Drills

Evacuation drills during the COVID-19 pandemic will be conducted as follows:

A red circled symbol to indicate a hard lockdown, a green circled symbol to indicate a soft lockdown, and a third yellow circled image to indicate a shelter in.
A chart describing the General Response Protocols for the NYC DOE
  • All students must participate in drills.

  • With consideration to overall number of students and physical distancing guidelines, drills may be conducted in stages rather than all at once.

  • For instance, instead of an evacuation drill being executed for the entire building, it can be conducted in stages with select floors participating at one time.

  • If schools conduct a drill in stages, all students must participate in a staged drill before the completion of the school day e.g.,first and third floors conduct drill in the morning; second and fourth floors conduct drill in the afternoon).

  • School must schedule drills to ensure that each group of the school’s blended learning schedule has an opportunity to participate in a drill.

  • For instance, if the first drill of the school year includes students in Group A, schools must schedule the second drill when Group B is in session.

  • Students should exit the building and proceed to their staging area in single file lines. Staff not assigned to students at time of drill should monitor staging areas.

  • Students should be instructed to maintain a distance of six feet to comply with physical distancing guidelines and to wear a face covering.

  • While younger students may be accustomed to exiting the building holding hands, for now this must be discouraged.

  • Older students should be instructed to refrain from congregating in groups and remain in single file lines while exiting the building.

  • Expand street staging areas which might require extending current staging area to an additional block from the school.It is best to assess this in advance and inform all staff of any changes that must be made.

  • All physical distancing guidelines must be followed as students and staff re-enter the building after any evacuation drill or emergency.